The New Creation Reality (NCR) is a spiritual growth series that offers believers encouragement and truth about God and the Christian walk. NCR is targeted at ensuring that the new believer is equipped with foundational principles necessary for consistent progress in their spiritual lives.

A seven class program which provides support for believers in their walk with God and for God. You can join our classes every Sunday after the second worship experience.  And  after the thanksgiving service on thanks giving Sundays. Invest 30mins every Sunday making God priority.

Introduction: So whats next after answering the altar call? The introduction class answers this question and more as it deals with the reality of our faith.

God 101: Who is God? Does He really exist? Does He love me? Get answers to these questions and more at the 2nd NCR class targeted at helping you discover who God is.

Hearing from God: God desires to have a relationship with you. Discover how to hear Him in the 3rd NCR class Hearing from God.

Principles of the Kingdom: Learn how to operate God’s principles for a successful life on earth and a fruitful walk with God in the 4th NCR class.

Saved for a Purpose: Are you wondering why God created you or what His plans are for you? Get answers to these questions and more in the 5th NCR class.

Spiritual Warfare: Learn practical ways to defeat negative thoughts, bad habits, and those things what seem beyond your control at the Spiritual Warfare NCR class.

Baptism: Learn about the importance of baptism and its significance to every believer at the final NCR class.

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