We are all on a Spiritual Journey and we are here to serve you and help you take your Next Steps. Everyone has a Next Step in his or her walk with God. Yours could be Water Baptism, or joining a Life Group. Your Next Step could be Serving or if you’re at a crossroad in life; Counseling. Perhaps you should take the New Creation Reality (NCR) classes or the The Journey classes or you feel called to go on Missions.

 What is your Next Step?

o   Journey: Your next step could be focused Spiritual Growth. The Journey is a Spiritual Growth class that takes us from where we are spiritually to where God wants us to be. Growing through Membership, Maturity, Ministry and Missions.

o   Water Baptism: Your next step could be baptism in water by full immersion. Water Baptism by full immersion in GFH is currently a quarterly celebration. It gives everyone who isn’t baptized in water by immersion an opportunity to follow the example of Jesus Christ.

o   NCR: Your next step could be understanding the reality of your faith. The New Creation Reality (NCR) is a Spiritual Growth series that offers believers encouragement and truth about God and the Christian walk. NCR is targeted at ensuring that believers (new & old) are equipped with foundational principles necessary for consistent progress in their spiritual lives.

o   Life Groups: Your next step could be focused Bible Study. Life Groups are small unit cells where members come together every Sunday evening for focused Bible study. Smaller units ensure that every member receives attentive care. Every member of GFH is encouraged to belong to a Life Group.

o   Serving: Your next step could be Serving. Serving is a way of worship in GFH; we deploy our gifts and talents to serve one another. There is no work force like the one at GFH. We are humbled that HE chose us and are thankful for what God is doing through us.

o   Counseling: Your next step could be getting guidance or advice. Get Counseling at GFH. Receive encouragement, motivation, advice and guidance through godly counsel on every challenge and situation. Premarital and Marital counseling, Spiritual counseling, etc.

o   Missions: Your next step could be going for God. The bible admonishes us to take the Good News to the ends of the earth. Trained administrators in GFH in collaboration with missions are poised to help you prepare for the mission field! We have been given the power to go out into the world.