Two people may be sitting beside each other in church, with one person struggling to feed his/her family and the other person having surplus. We have noticed that people in need do not want to be seen as “beggars” while the people with surplus don’t want to be taken advantaged of (as a lot of them have gotten their fingers burnt trying to help the needy). The Bridge connects the “haves” with the “have-nots”. It links those with plenty with those in penury. It connects those with surplus to those in scarcity.

The Bridge manages a pool of funds put together by people with “surplus” (a lot of these people actually sacrifice to make this happen). The funds are then disbursed as capital investment into the small businesses of people that need it. The Bridge holds these small business owners accountable and also provides business mentorship.

There has been a lot of life transformation and inspiring stories that has come out of The Bridge.